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WESCAP - An opportunity for exceptional growth, liquidity and transparency*

WesCap Offshore Partners I Hedge Fund is designed to deliver superior investment returns through all market conditions by using our proprietary technological platform. Traditional mutual funds rely on conventional investment tactics to generate growth. Partners I adheres to investment guidelines which take advantage of trading anomalies and market opportunities within or outside a market neutral strategy. WesCap Offshore Partners I is an ideal choice for sophisticated investors seeking enhanced returns.

Many investment industry experts view hedge funds as a separate asset class that reduces portfolio volatility when combined with stocks, bonds and cash. In an era marked by increasingly unpredictable financial markets, an investment vehicle that helps investors to reach their financial goals – with reduced discomfort along the way- can be a powerful addition to any portfolio.

Owing to the flexible mandate and the wide range of strategies at our disposal, this Fund will provide returns that are not closely correlated with traditional markets. As a result, the Fund counterbalances traditional market risk, adding a new level of diversification.

We are proud to offer to our client’s access to WesCap Asset Management, an Atlanta-based privately owned asset management company with an impressive history managing these type of funds. Founded in 1996 by ex-PaineWebber Broker and Investment specialists after the Kidder merger as a buy-side consultant and Institutional Advisor, our focus remains: Institutional Advisory Services, Co-Management and Management of Proprietary Funds. With global capabilities and highly qualified people we are in position to put technology, experience, and resources to work for you.

WesCap Offshore Partners I Corp will benefit from the experience of Mr. Wesley Pietrasik. Principal of WesCap Inc. Mr. Pietrasik has a balanced fundamental and quantitative approach to large & small cap equity markets, and a broad based
US portfolio management experience. His posted performances, yielding consistently above average results, are the result of a proprietary statistically based risk management trading and/or investment program. Mr. Pietrasik was a Senior Vice President with PaineWebber. Throughout his career, Mr. Pietrasik has held additional broad based positions with Thiokol Corp., Wasatch Div. as an engineer participating on the Space Shuttle design and acquisition teams, practiced law with Hill, Gross, Simpson, VanSanten, Chiara &Simpson, a dominant Chicago based corporate law firm, and as a Principal at Westar International Airways and US Express. He holds a JD from John Marshall Law School, a MSME from University of Utah and a BA in Physics from Loyola University.

The ability to meet and exceed aggressive objectives for profitability is the predictable outcome of strong relationships and dependable results. Today’s profitability is a measure of yesterday’s promise, but is a lagging indicator that says nothing about next quarter’s or next year’s performance. The leading indicators are Discipline, Risk Management, Adjustment for Incremental Profitability and Relationships.

WesCap’s Portfolio Management process is differentiated since it is Risk Adjusted, Buy-Side, Active and Transparent. It seeks to eliminate the emotion, the fear and the greed of value investing. Companies are analyzed fundamentally. Individual entry points are identified by, and open positions are managed by technically driven tolerances. Since it is risk sensitive, it recognizes that the longer an investment sits in the market the more exposure it becomes, it seeks to minimize the time of exposure through a higher velocity discipline. We believe this works to our investors’ benefit.

WesCap 1&2, also managed by WesCap Asset Management, provides a good example of how this works.


Fiscal Year

The Risk Managed Discipline

S&P 500





(the end of the bull market phase)




(worst market conditions in 65 years)



















These are just some values, which show the absolute non-correlation of our models with the markets, as well as our mission to differentiate the process of making money.

Notwithstanding of having different fund focus and strength, the fact is that what drives the world, the markets, us and our models is energy and money.

In a rapidly evolving business, we remain one step ahead by launching WesCap Offshore Partners I, which is the first listed hedge fund in the
Iberian Peninsula.


* Toda a informação é da exclusiva responsabilidade da WesCap Offshore Partners I, Inc

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